arvid ottosson photographer

I have always been compelled by soulful aesthetic and the power of storytelling, I started out my working life as a reporter for Swedish newspaper SLA (Skaraborgs Allenhanda).

I have always been compelled by soulful aesthetic and the power of storytelling; whether it be video, photography, graphic design or text.

Due to a youthful restlessness and the financial crisis of 2009 I moved to Oslo, Norway and embarked on a many year career in sales, primarily in the sector of digital learning materials for TV 2 Skole AS.

Even though the art of sales can be subtle and enigmatic enough to keep one's interest, as well as lucrative enough to keep one comfortable, I decided to follow my true passions and began working with cinematography, photo and web experiences; always looking to create something heartfelt and stylistically enchanting.

Beside personal projects I'm working in our family business, with the visionary millers of Limabacka Kvarn; my cousin Andreas Nielsen and my uncle Bengt Nybergh. Limabacka Kvarn is an artisan mill on the west coast of Sweden and the in addition to the mill the family business consists of the bakery Kvarnbageriet and food hall / coffee shop Kvarnskafferiet - as well as Kvarnkompaniet (dedicated to tea and spices) and the coffee roastery Kvarnrosteriet and the web store Etea.se (mainly dedicated to tea).

Our work together has been characterized by high creative standards and a healthy challenging of each others visions until reaching a satisfying result. I would be compelled to call it team work at its best.

The creative feed back provided by Andreas Nielsen, as well as the insights into milling history provided by Bengt Nybergh, has been of utmost value.

Over the years I've been able to expand my knowledge from the visual arts, storytelling and graphic design to interior 3D design and a variety of web based administration; including Office 365, constructing and administrating web stores and web sites, formulating and implementing digital marketing strategies for social media and Google Ads.

At the heart of what I do is a deep passion for creating, and I pride myself on always evolving and learning.

Sincerely, Arvid