The Dream of the Mill

a film about Bengt and Andreas

The Dream of the Mill is a heartfelt story about father and son, Bengt and Andreas, twirling down life's crooked paths through generations and continents; trying, somehow, to make their way back home; to a humble mill in the distance, silhouetted by the blue sea, stoic rocks and western tides on the finger tip of the Värö peninsula.

First the film was released as seven short episodes, and the full film will be released in the summer of 2021.

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Episode 1

Andreas talks about "The Miller's Curse" and how he in his childhood promised himself to never become a miller. A promise that eventually was destined to be broken.

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Episode 2

Bengt is 16 years old and school-weary. He falls in love with the ancient miller's craft - and follows his heart out into the big world; as the times they are a-changing and the answers are blowing in the wind.

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Episode 3

Bengt was born a miller and reminisces about the days of old; millers carrying 100 kg sacks of grain on their backs up the narrow stairs of the mill.​

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Episode 4

The days of blood, sweat and tears; the back breaking late nights on the mill, with work to do still.

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Episode 5

Andreas talks about growing up in the rough Gothenburg suburb of Biskopsgården, and the undeniable longing for something genuine and tangible.

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Episode 6

Bengt walked a rocky but heartfelt road, making his way back to the love of his youth - the old handicraft of the miller.

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Episode 7

Sweden was a poor country when their ancestor Anders built a windmill on Öland in the middle of the 19th century, and by doing so molded the family's destiny in flour. Somewhere in the stars it seemed to be written: also Andreas was bound to fall for "The Miller's Curse".

The music was made by Richard Olausson.

The film was made by the support of Kultur i Halland, Varbergs Kommun and Värö Stråvalla Hembygdsförening.