coffe design

Coffee has a special place in the heart of the miller. Just like with the flour, it is noticeable on the flavors when one uses genuine organic ingredients and grinds the coffee beans with care.

When we launched Limabacka Kvarns' own coffee we wanted the bags to communicate the love for organic ingredients and craftmanship that make up the very foundation of Limabacka Kvarn.

The product photos were taken on the coastline in Halland, close to where the mill is located.

The words on the back: a declaration of love to coffee from the millers.

"A frozen winter a few years ago, we worked almost all of our waking time at the mill to make ends meet. Some mornings it was tough. The sacks were heavy and the 9:30 am coffee break seemed far away.

Those mornings the clucking from the coffee brewer and the smell of strong coffee coming from the second floor were invaluable. To be able to sit down and enjoy for a while. Change a few words, look out the window and see the gentle glow of the winter sun on the field outside.

Something happens when you get a hearty cup of coffee inside of you."