Kvarnskafferiet, the food hall & coffee shop in Kungsbacka, was just an unspoken dream like a misty star over the Hallandic coast; all those late nights at the mill - with more work to do still.

We drafted this brochure to tell the story of how a passionate dream and a powerful vision can move mountains.

The work was completed with invaluable creative feed back provided by Andreas Nielsen, as well as vintage photos and history insights provided by Bengt Nybergh.

We wanted the design to have an air of timeless simplicity to make the photos and the words stand out.

The genesis of the story is the late nights at the mill where the dream of something larger took roots.

In the family photo albums we found this photo of the forefathers Gustaf and his brother Arvid (with a younger friend) with a bag of flour on the handlebar. Outside of the mill Nybro Kvarn around 1910.

The storytelling goes back generations to the time when Sweden was a poor country and many people defied the Atlantic ocean in search of a more bearable life in America.

Photo from the 1930's of a family friend with bags of flour.

In the past the mill played an important role in the rural communities. It was a place where people met and talked, and inspired the vision for Kvarnskafferiet.

Limabacka Kvarn, 1947-48.

Kvarnskafferiet rests on a foundation of profound love and respect for the earth that comes from working in accordance with nature.

The wheat is growing in evening sun at Linus Källgårds farm, a stone´s throw from the mill at the Värö penisula.

Kvarnskafferiet opened up in march 2020 in the center of Kungsbacka on the Swedish west coast.

The logo is an homage to Anders who built a wind mill on Öland in the 1850's and by doing so molded the family destiny in flour.