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Working with our family business Limabacka Kvarn is great fun. It is not only a reputable brand known for quality organic products, but also an incredibly creative and inspiring environment to work in.

Here is a short introduction to the family business and an overview of some of the projects we have carried out together.

Limabacka Kvarn, Väröhalvön. 1947-48.

Our ancestors Gustaf and Arvid with a young companion and a sack of flour on the handlebars. Nybro kvarn circa 1910.

The story begins in the impoverished Sweden of the 1850s, where many brave the Atlantic in hopes of a better life. In this era, our forefather Anders builds a windmill on Öland, and casts the family's fate in flour.

In the past, the mill was the very heart of the Swedish countryside. Farmers would bring in their harvest from the fields, and villagers would come to buy fresh flour.

Life as a miller was rewarding in many ways; he worked close to nature, enjoyed sunshine and rain, watched the grain grow strong in the fields, and took part in the harvest festivals.

At the same time, the miller's work was hard. Sacks often weighing over 100 kg were loaded on the back and carried up to the top floor—where the grains would then fall down through the mill.

The mill was the heart and meeting place of the village; where laughter and complaints, witticisms and notices mingled in the aroma of freshly ground flour.

A family friend with flour on his handcart. 1930s.

Organic 'svedjeråg' (a type of rye) grows in the evening sun at the organic farmer Linus Källgård - a stone's throw from the mill.

We come from an old family of millers and are deeply grateful to carry on the tradition. The work with our mill is largely about craftsmanship, respect for the earth, and quality raw materials. It's also about personal encounters and trust.

Thanks to your support and trust, we have been able to realize the dreams of earlier generations, including opening the sourdough bakery Kvarnbageriet, as well as the café and marketplace Kvarnskafferiet.

For Bengt and Andreas—fifth and sixth-generation millers—the love for craftsmanship and their ecological vision are stronger than ever.

Being a miller was hard but rewarding. We are very grateful to carry on this cultural heritage—together with you.

Andreas and Bengt outside the mill. September 2016.

short film | video portrait of bakers and farmers

A series of video portraits dedicated to highlighting the farmers who cultivate the land. Their craftsmanship and ecological care are a prerequisite for good flour and delicious bread. Many of these growers have been with us from the very beginning, and we are proud to call them our friends.

The music is composed by the eminent Richard Olausson.

photography | bakeries and home bakers

A series of photo portraits dedicated to the amazing bakers and home bakers who transform the flour into stunningly beautiful bread and pastries.

Felicia Garellick | Vilgots Sourdough Bakery

We visited Vilgots Sourdough Bakery in Våxtorp (southern Halland), run by the source of inspiration and bundle of energy, Felicia.

Felicia had never worked as a baker, nor could she bake. Yet, she decided that the small community would have a sourdough bakery. "Where there's a will, there's a way," she thought & got started.

During the first year, she experimented with baking and found a winning concept. Every day new visitors come & the reputation of really good sourdough bread spreads quickly, not only to neighboring villages but also to distant cities.

Felicia has interned at @kvarnbageriet and bakes with Limabacka Kvarn's artisan flour - which we find very exciting!

Mattias Wallin | Home baker

In the autumn of 2020, we were at home for a pleasant visit with the home baker and our good friend Mattias Wallin, on his farm in Fjärås, Halland.

Mattias is a jack-of-all-trades with many irons in the fire. He has a vegetable and fruit garden on the farm, makes his own kombucha, and produces his own wine from the grapes growing in the garden.

Additionally, Mattias bakes with Limabacka Kvarn's flour, which led to us being treated to freshly baked bread with cheese and honey, as well as some of the tastiest cookies we have ever tasted!

Mathias Gellerstedt | home baker

Last winter, just before the first snow was about to fall and the forest stood bare and beautiful, we visited our good friend: the home baker Mattias in Rolfstorp, Halland.

Flour flew through the air and we enjoyed the warmth from the wood-fired oven. While the bread was baking, we were given a tour of the old Hovgårds Kvarn adjacent to the house - something always appreciated by us who fall into the category of "mill nerds."

The day was concluded with an exceptionally good meal consisting of freshly baked bread, butter, and cheese. We consider this an extraordinarily enjoyable day!

Mathias Gellerstedt | Hemmabagare

I vintras, precis innan den första snön skulle falla och skogen stod naken och vacker, var vi på besök hos vår gode vän: hemmabagaren Mattias i Rolfstorp, Halland.

Mjölet yrde och vi hade det gemytligt i värmen från den vedeldade bakugnen. Medan brödet gräddades bjöds vi på husesyn i den gamla Hovgårds Kvarn som ligger i anslutning till huset - något som alltid uppskattas av oss som faller i kategorin "kvarnnördar".

Dagen knöts ihop med en fantastiskt god måltid bestående av nybakat bröd, smör och ost. Detta kallar vi en utomordentligt trevlig dag!

Dessa små hembesök hos våra fantastiska bagare är bland det roligaste vi vet, och vi hoppas kunna göra många fler hembesök inom kort.

product design | flour bags | limabacka kvarn

Design of flour bags inspired by our family's miller history. The brown kraft paper resembles the flour sacks of old times and the illustration on the front of the bag is based on a photograph of Limabacka Kvarn from 1947.

webbdesign | hemsida | webbutik

Website and online store intended to reflect traditional mill craftsmanship and communicate what is most important to us; craftsmanship, tradition, and ecology.

the dream of the mill | documentary about limabacka kvarn

Inspired by Andreas and Bengt's fantastic stories, I began a documentary film project that resulted in "The Dream of the Mill" - a short film made with the support of Culture in Halland, Varberg Municipality, and Stråvalla Local Heritage Association.

Initially released as episodes, the complete documentary will be published in the summer of 2023.

The soundtrack to the documentary was created by guitar maestro Richard Olausson.

kvarnskafferiet | kungsbacka | stenungsund

Kvarnskafferiet is a food hall and café that builds on six generations of mill craftsmanship and is driven by a deep love for real ingredients and unforgettable taste experiences.

Kvarnskafferiet is located in central Kungsbacka, packed with organic flour from Limabacka Kvarn, freshly baked bread and buns from Kvarnbageriet, and a smorgasbord of artisan and organic foodstuffs.

We wanted Kvarnskafferiet to reflect the mill's history with an interior dominated by wood and steel. To ensure that our vision was not lost in the renovation and move-in process, extensive 3D sketches were carried out using SketchUp.

The logo is a homage to our forefather Anders Nybergh who started the family's miller tradition by building a windmill on Öland in the 1850s.

coffee design

Coffee holds a special place in the miller's heart. Just like with flour, the taste is noticeable when one uses genuine organic ingredients and grinds the coffee beans carefully.

When the millers launched Miller's Blend and First to the Mill in collaboration with the Nordic Coffee Roastery, it was a pure love declaration to coffee.

"One frozen winter a few years ago, we worked almost all our waking hours in the mill to catch up. Some mornings were tough. The bags were heavy, and the 9:30 coffee felt far away.

On those mornings, the gurgling of the coffee maker and the aroma of strong coffee from the second floor were very much worth it. To be able to sit down and enjoy for a moment. Exchange a few words, look out and see the soft glow of the winter sun on the field outside.

Something happens when you get a decent cup of coffee into you.

marknadsföring | sociala medier

Sociala medier är ett ovärderligt verktyg som kopplar samman oss med människor som delar vår passion och ekologiska värderingar. Vår filosofi har alltid varit att förmedla en känsla av genuinitet och enkelhet genom att hålla oss ödmjuka och likt en duktig mjölnare "arbeta nära jorden".

kvarnbageriet | the mill's own bakery

Having their own bakery was a recurring dream among the millers in the family history, but the time was too short, the bags too heavy, and the profits too small. The fact that millers Andreas and Bengt got the opportunity to realize this centuries-old dream was incredibly exciting for us at the mill.

Artisanal sourdough bread, flavorful cinnamon buns, buttery croissants, and a dangerously good selection of freshly baked treats.