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Communicator at the family mill Limabacka Mill in Väröbacka and the artisan bakery Härjedalsbröd in Lillhärdal. Entangled in own photo and film projects on the side.

Here are some projects and brands that have been especially fun to work with.

Warmly welcome!

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Limabacka Kvarn's revitalized and colorful flour bags - a very fun design project.

Kortfilm om Da Matteo i centrala Göteborg där vi lär känna bagarna och människorna bakom kaféerna och handelsbutikerna. Gjord för Limabacka Kvarn.

Limabacka Kvarn is a reputable organic mill that is based on six generations of craftsmanship. It is also a very creative environment to work in.

Short films about Swedish farmers and bakers, online store, website and product design of flour bags is presented here.

Playful and colorful product design when the Swedish county of Härjedalen meets Mexico in a culinary culture clash.

Product design for Härjedalsbröd's premium delicacy crisp bread. A minimalstic design that comes to life through color, fonts and illustrations.

Minimalist, black and white packaging design that reflects the precision and craftsmanship that the coffee roastery Kvarnrosteriat is based on.

Short documentary about the millers Andreas and Bengt at Limabacka Kvarn in Halland, Sweden. Made with the support of Culture in Halland, Varberg Municipality, and Stråvalla Local Heritage Society.

Capturing the essence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was for the well-known BJJ club Yamasaki Academy in central Gothenburg about movement, togetherness and a lot of laughter.

When Fjälltaco launched its organic taco bread, we wanted the website to reflect the brand's playful identity.

Kvarnrosteriet is all about craftsmanship, high-quality organic ingredients and precision. A minimalist animation brings life to design and the website.

Ongoing photography project depicting Oaxaca's eight culturally distinct regions and its people.

Ongoing documentary film project about the coastal community of Puerto Angel in Mexico.

Photographic odyssey through Morocco as the artist Hamid embarks on a cultural journey to reconnect with his Berber roots.

DJ Shinigami in Dihya Amazigh mixes electronic music with traditional Berber music in this homage to Morocco's indigenous Berber people.

Black/white, minimalist website with elements of video and animation.

Short film about the farmers Håkan, David and Christian at Högens Gård in Halland, Sweden. Made for Limabacka Kvarn.

Product design for Härjedalsbröd's three classic crisp breads; Hällbröd, Skogsknäcke and Härjedalsknäcke.

Crispbread inspired by Swedish summer and winter. Light-hearted product design with illustration of the Norrland landscape and an enthusiastic moose.

Graphic design of flour bags inspired by the traditional miller craft and by Halland's beautiful coast line.

Graphic design of brochure that tells the story of how six generations of millinery ended up in the organic food oasis of Kvarnskafferiet in central Kungsbacka.

Moa and Linda decided to follow their baking dreams. They tell a story of hardship, success and incredibly early mornings.

Johan Carlsson harvests the fields in the forests of Halland and talks about his ecological commitment, and his desire to one day be able to hand over the land to his children.

Coffee has a special place in the miller's heart. As with flour, it shows in the taste when you use genuine organic ingredients and grind the coffee beans with care.

Linus Källgård is what we in Sweden call moonlight farmer who, in addition to studying medicine, runs a small-scale farm on the Värö Peninsula, a couple of kilometers from Limabacka Kvarn.

Animated newsletter highlighting next week's highlights. Published in Kvarnskafferiet's social media.

Kvarnskafferiet is dedicated to craftsmanship and the love of great taste experiences. Organic from farm to table.