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To animate is to discover movement in silence. Animation brings ideas to life. A static website becomes a living landscape, a still logo gains momentum.

Animation adds life and vitality to film, logos or web design. I always strive for animation that is time efficient, minimalist and clean.

Here are some projects created in After Effects, Illustrator and Blender.

Playful website for Fjälltaco where based on animation. The work was done using Illustrator, After Effects and code.

Kvarnrosteriet's graphic profile is black and white, minimalist and clear. To create life, the logo was animated. A clean and simple animation produced in After Effects that helps create interest and movement.

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Animated newsletter promoting the highlights of the coming week. Published in Kvarnskafferiet's social media. Background and layout are created in Illustrator and animated in After Effects.

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A short animated video used to promote Kvarnskafferiet's summer campaign. This simple and time efficient animation was made in Illustrator and After Effects.


We made an animated attempt to describe Fjälltaco's excellence in strictly scientific terms. See more on the website!

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A simple and stripped-down animated video to promote Kvarnrosteriet's participation in the Bua mackerel festival. Made in After Effect according to the motto 'less is more'.