Flour bags

A series of seven flour bags designed for the organic mill Limabacka Kvarn.

The bag is designed to communicate the tradition of organic and craftsmanship.

The image on the front is old photo of the mill turned grey scale and into a sketch drawing.

The product images were taken on the coastline in Sallebacka, Halland close to where the mill is located.

The storytelling on the back of the bag was one of my favorite things to do.

First I had to get to know both Bengt and Andreas, immerse myself in their story; the initial struggle of making a living, their dreams and values.

To make a story interesting and engaging it needs to be about people and their genuine feelings.

To convey even more of the personal and genuine feeling that are so important to the way Bengt and Andreas go about working and doing business we added their signatures.

The image is a photo of Bengt and Andreas outside the mill, turned grey scale and into a sketch drawing

On the left side we tell the story about a time not so long ago when every village in Sweden had their local mill and then we tell the story about Limabacka Kvarn in specific.

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